Sunday, February 6, 2011

Making a Pake

Back in July, my eyes were opened to the existence of something called pake. A cake with a pie inside of it! Could this mythical baked good actually exist?

Well, I couldn't think of a better time to find out than during the salute to gluttony known as Superbowl Sunday. And since there was no recipe - just a photo to work from - I knew this would be an adventure.

My first piece of advice in making a pake is to invite some friends over. This is not a feat you should attempt alone.

So, you start with a cake. Two cakes, actually. Because essentially what you're doing is using the pie as the filling in your layer cake.

Then you bake a pie. I'm going to come right out and admit that I used a frozen pie. I felt that the level of difficulty of assembling the pake was high enough that I could cut corners on the pie.

In addition to being easy, the advantage of the frozen pie was that it I could easily remove it from its pie tin (cuz you can't put the pie tin inside the cake). However, I was worried about baking the pie without the tin, so I lined the tin with parchment paper, thinking I'd be able to simply pull the pie out after it was baked...this was true, it easily came out of the tin, but I ended up with a pie sitting on parchment paper, sitting on the bottom layer of cake.

With the help of no less than three friends (we took turns handling the pake and strategizing on how to handle the pake), I managed to pull off a series of flipping maneuvers that produced a correctly compiled cake-pie-cake pattern, but it wasn't pretty.

Next comes the frosting. I used buttercream, but a lighter whipped frosting would have been a lot easier to work with...also, you need more than you think you do - especially if your pake looks anything like mine and you're hoping to cover it up its flaws.

And once it's frosted: Ta-da! It's pake!

Unless you've been practicing, the pake is probably kind of a mess, but guess what? This is not a beauty contest! The pake is all about the joy that comes from eating a pie in a cake, not from looking at one. And let me tell you, it's good.
Mine was cherry pie in a chocolate cake, but I'm already imagining the possibilities.

I'm also imagining ways to actually bake the pie inside the cake. Not sure how to make that work, but I'm definitely willing to try...after I recover from this pake.


Wish Art Glass said...

Great idea! I wonder if you could leave the pie frozen during "construction" so that it would stay together? It looks delicious!

Gena MacDonald said...

What if you made the cake larger in circumference than the pie and carved out a nice little resting place for the pie to sit in? Then gently place the top layer and frost? I am picturing a whole pie in the center. Not sure if it would work, but you definitely have me thinking!!

~Michelle @ Don't Eat That Cookie~ said...

Thank you! I have successfully managed to procrastinate starting my final paper by another 45 minutes while searching the internet for Pake related information. :D
I think "RealLifeArtist" may be onto something with their Pie in a Cake.
Also I'd really like to try CakeSpy's Cookie Cake Pie.

KK said...

I love that pake is so inspiring! I'm wondering the same thing about a frozen pie...if I baked it in the cake batter frozen, would it all magically bake evenly?

The pie IN cake idea is also under consideration - I just need to find a cake pan that deep.

And Michelle, we actually make the Cookie Cake Pie once (yum!):

barbara jean said...

you could bake the pie then pour the batter around it and bake the cake (With the baked pie on the inside)