Sunday, November 7, 2010

You've Got Mail

My boys have email. After initially thinking it was a ridiculous request, we came around and locked them down to their contact list (programmed by us), so it feels pretty harmless. And at least they weren't asking about Facebook accounts.

Sure, they're now learning to use a form a technology that will no doubt be dead by the time they really have people they need to communicate with, but on the plus side, they can practice their correspondence skills (no, I don't think greetings or closings should be cast aside just because we're all in such a damn hurry). Plus, it's fun to get emails from them - especially when I'm traveling, as I was last week for work...

So I got online up in the sky on my way out to Philly (Delta's one redeeming feature) and emailed my children to tell them so...thinking they would find this as amazing as I did. Of course, I also asked about their days at school, told them I miss them, love them, etc.

Owen's response (in its entirety):
"You accidentally spelled the instead of they."

Yep. Nothing says love like proofreading. Email has unlocked his inner grammar robot. I think this might be an overlooked skill set for those with high-functioning autism. Who knew?

And P.S., our kids don't find it amazing that we can email from the sky. They assume we can email from the sky. Welcome to the future.