Thursday, June 18, 2009

One down, 39 to go

I mailed my Be the Match registration kit back today, which means that I can officially cross #40 off my 40 by 40 list! (Coincidentally, our friend's daughter came home from the hospital today, as she is thankfully responding well to chemo.) If you're interested in joining too, remember you still have until June 22 to join for FREE!

What to do next? Well, obviously there's Hawaii (#4), which I fully intend to book this summer for travel this winter, although we won't be there over Christmas (#32)...I think we'll have to spend the following Christmas in Key West, eating key lime pie (#25). I was thinking that if I sent everyone a postcard from Key West, that could count as the year that I gave everyone homemade gifts (#24), but my husband informed me that unless I make the postcards, it won't count. So much for killing three birds with one stone. 

Perhaps I should start planning my Thanksgiving trip to Las Vegas (#3 and #16), where I'm pretty sure I could also accomplish #17...


Kevin said...

You could probably do #18 too (if drinking qualifies as an exercise).

sybildiscontent said...

Thank you for signing up to be on the donor list. I spplied, but due to some medical issues of my own I am disqualified. (For now! I have hope that in the future I'll be able to donate.) My other friend with similar issues and I made a pact to grow our hair and donate to Locks of Love. But if not for your blog I never would have even thought about being a donor. Thank you for sharing the message!